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Holland & DAC [May. 7th, 2007|09:42 am]
Official Faderhead Community
Finally updating this blog after two shows in Holland! Played the LVC in Leiden and Willemeen in Arnhem and both gigs were really well received! Dr. T did great on her first two gigs with the band and the audience went completely nuts both times!! So here are a few pics from the Arnhem show:

(All pictures by Edwin van der Ende / www.concertvisions.com)

In other news:

After entering (!) the DAC (German Alternative Charts) at #4, the new album "FH2" has now solidified its position in the #5 spot on the charts. With releases from bands like VNV Nation, Combichrist and Nine Inch Nails in front of "FH2" and releases from bands like Frontline Assembly, Leather Strip, Assemblage 23 and Wumpscut BEHIND the album, the band could not be happier!.