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New Accession signing Faderhead celebrates the labels 2006 Anniversary with the spectacularly refreshing "FH1" album.

A powerfully stylish mixture of electro, techno and punk - "FH1" is an energetic and highly musical work brimming with tracks full of pounding beats, tightly structured arrangements and distinctive, ultra-catchy hooklines. Creating an unparalleled sound that shows no direct influences, everything on ''FH1'' is generated to create a really great and exciting album where excessive club tracks such as "O/H Scavenger" and "The Protagonist" are combined with melodic songs to build up tension and excitement. "FH1" scores final marks for its use of unpretentious, yet multi-layered lyrics offering a wealth of possible interpretations.

Overall Faderhead succeed in delivering an excellent debut album, and will surely be an artist to watch in the future ...

(Review courtesy of http://www.musicnonstop.co.uk)

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Check out the following MP3 Snippets (taken from the debut album "FH1"):

O/H Scavenger
The Protagonist

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